Empowering Austin

Corporate Lease Management

When we work with landlords we know that their investment in real estate is important. And we believe that creating an equitable balance of risk and reward is important. When we take on a property, we work with the owners to provide longer terms that reduce turnover.

We offer two arrangements that make the most of your real estate. A leasing model where the Austin Real Estate Company will lease the property from you at terms above the market rate. We also manage client properties. Both arrangements have benefits and drawbacks.


Traditional structure with some additional benefits. We carry a higher insurance coverage than individuals are likely to. We furnish the property with the high-quality details renters expect. And we take professional-grade photos which at the end of our lease you can use too!

When you allow us to lease from you, you gain an insightful partner whose interest is not only the tenants but the relationship with our landlords. We provide regular cash flow for your property, and long term tenants (us) to occupy the lease.


We provide A-Z, white-glove service. Landlords who work with us in this capacity will be billed for line items such as insurance, furnishings, maintenance, etc.

When you work with the Austin Real Estate Company to manage your property for short-term rental, we take care of all of the details. This gives you the best opportunity to build a diversified portfolio that responds to the market in real-time.